Social Media Management

We have experience managing social media platforms for a range of disability-related organizations. We have the first-hand knowledge of what content with which the disability community desires to stay up to date but we can also customize it to fit the scope of your organization. We desire to help you by driving your targeted community to your services via your social media.

Our Service Capabilities

We have the experience of: 

  • Posting topic-related articles
  • Sharing internal blog posts and photos
  • Creating and posting original, organization-related content
  • Compiling monthly, quarterly or annual newsletters.

A Range of Platforms

We have the ability to manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Instagram page(s). Check out our social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: @AbiliTrek
  2. Twitter: @AbiliTrek
  3. LinkedIn: AbiliTrek
  4. Instagram: abilitrek

We look forward to working with you to grow your company’s community via the power of social media.