About Us


AbiliTrek began as an innovative idea that morphed into a company geared toward bettering the travel experience for people with disabilities. Currently, both the travel and service industries lack the information people with disabilities need, making their adventures a daunting and exhausting task. AbiliTrek, by counteracting the current state of the service and travel industries, will make trekking a fulfilling experience for any person with a disability.

The idea of AbiliTrek was invented by Daman Wandke. Daman started AbiliTrek in response to his own experiences when traveling with Cerebral Palsy and decided to put his dream of changing the travel industry to the test in Bellingham’s 2016 54-Hour Startup Challenge. AbiliTrek won the challenge and that set his idea into motion.

2016 was all about planning and by the beginning of 2017, we started working to make sure we were ready for our launch in April. Dedicated to building the best service we could to assist the disability community, countless hours were spent constructing our website to make sure it was both attractive and accessible to all.

AbiliTrek began as a hotel booking service but at the beginning of 2018 made a pivot. 


AbiliTrek Today

AbiliTrek is a multifaceted company with the mission of improving accessibility and empowering people with disabilities.

With the hotel booking service, came a review platform that a user could fill out (i.e. rating the accessibility). We have phased out of the hotel booking service and have created a Yelp-like website with the goal of improving access. AbiliTrek provides a platform for the disability community to rate and review the accessibility of any establishment. This service not only allows people to complete reviews of hotels but is more inclusive allowing people to review the accessibility of almost any place someone can trek (locally or afar). As people make reviews, this platform will grow into a wealth of knowledge so travelers with disabilities can find businesses which are — and aren’t — accessible to them.

AbiliTrek also offers consulting work in the areas of IT and physical accessibility, speaking and training, secret shopper, and inclusive marketing.  Our customized consulting process reflects that accessible is not “one size fits all”, so what one business needs to be accessible to the most amount of people, may be different than what another business may need. We provide the knowledge necessary for businesses to be more inclusive and accessible to all people.

Though the genesis of AbiliTrek did not take place in a garage, those of us at this Washington State start-up are driven to be as innovative and affluent to the disability community as Microsoft, our neighbors just south of us.

AbiliTrek is a disability:IN Disability-Owned Certified Business.




Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering people with disabilities by showcasing businesses they can access.


Our Goal for Achieving Our Mission

AbiliTrek began as a hotel booking service to fill the informational gap within the travel industry by accumulating accessibility data that is not available anywhere else. Though AbiliTrek has made a pivot in the service provided, we will continue to expand the database provided to people with disabilities by providing a review platform to express the accessibility of anywhere that anyone can trek. We will also provide information directly to businesses via consulting so that they are able to create a more accessible environment. AbiliTrek will continue to support the transformation of the travel and service industries to ensure that it is more inclusive for all.


Our Vision

AbiliTrek will be the easiest, most inclusive and personalized way to trek the globe that will also back the call to action for the world to be Universally Designed.


Meet the Team

Daman smiling, wearing a gray sweater with a black collarDaman Wandke – Founder, CEO


Daman Wandke, MBA, the CEO, and founder of AbiliTrek, is an avid traveler. In seeing travelers with disabilities encounter many barriers when traveling, Daman set out to find a solution; hence, AbiliTrek. AbiliTrek’s goal: to empower the disability community to trek without boundaries. Daman is also an IT Accessibility Consultant and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Northwest Access Fund.

     Travis Heller, Chief Technology Officer Travis Heller – Chief Technology Officer


Travis Heller, the Chief Technology Officer, studied Computer Science at Western Washington University (WWU).

Travis is a talented developer who has been writing website code since he was in high school. His IT background has prepared him for his job at AbiliTrek where he designs and builds new features, in addition to improving AbiliTrek’s site to make it pleasing, functional, and accessible for our users. Travis also enjoys cooking, writing web applications, and watching shows like Star Trek.


Kyann Flint – Chief Accessibility Officer


Kyann Flint, the Chief Accessibility Officer, is an alum of Western Washington University where she studied Political Science and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences. A passionate disability advocate, Kyann’s motto is to Defy the Defined Disability – she blogs her insights at Life from a Lame Perspective where she shares her experiences as a person who is wheelchair mobile and the frustrations that come from society’s social barriers. Flint, loves writing, spending time with her fabulous friends and family, exploring the outdoors, drinking really good tea and coffee and of course, traveling!


marottt@wwu.edu's profile photo

Tripp Marotto – Director of Operations


Tripp, who is from Pacifica, California, is a Western Washington University alum with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Out of everything, Tripp enjoys making music, cooking for his people, and playing rugby. Regardless of where Tripp’s career path takes him, he looks forward to sustaining a strong relationship with his team here at AbiliTrek. Tripp’s mission in life is to have a career centered around his passions and to host as many family BBQs as humanly possible!


Meg Metzger – Director of Sales and Marketing

Meg Metzger, the Director of Sales and Marketing, is from Everett, Washington. She studied at Stanford University where she earned a degree in Human Biology with a concentration in Organizational Behavior. Meg has a rich history of work experience, including multiple positions at both Procter & Gamble and Microsoft. Meg has been a mentor to our CEO, Daman Wandke and continues to share her knowledge with him and the rest of the AbiliTrek team. On top of investing in young entrepreneurs, Meg also enjoys biking, hiking, skiing (downhill, XC & Skate skiing), boating, stand up paddle boarding, basketball, volleyball, teaching Geography and traveling. Meg also has two daughters who are both away at college.


Rianne  Operations Intern

Rianne, who is from Spokane Washington, is currently a student at Western Washington University. She is an Operations Management major minoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Rianne loves the outdoors, her dogs, and more than anything, traveling! She can be found in Costa Rica this summer studying abroad.


Collin – Website Development Intern

Collin, a recent graduate of the University of Washington Bothell, majored in Business Administration with a double focus in Technology & Innovation Management and Management of Information Systems. Collin was born, raised and still resides in Bothell, Washington. He has worked as a lifeguard and an instructor for swimming/American Red Cross classes at the Lynnwood Recreation Center. Collin is also a huge music junkie, enjoys swimming, hiking and spending time with his friends.