About Us


AbiliTrek was created due to the lack of information that the travel industry provides for travelers with disabilities that has caused frustration for this community. According to the Open Doors Organization’s 2015 Market Study, 46% of hotel guests with disabilities experience obstacles during their hotel stay. Daman Wandke started AbiliTrek from his own experiences of traveling with Cerebral Palsy and decided to put his dream of changing the travel industry to the test in Bellingham’s 2016 54-Hour Startup Challenge. AbiliTrek won the challenge and that set into motion what AbiliTrek is today. AbiliTrek also competed in the 2017 University of Washington Business Plan Competition, where we won a prize for Best Consumer Product.

Daman Wandke, the CEO of AbiliTrek, has shared his experience as an entrepreneur on our blog at https://abilitrek.com/my-entrepreneurship-story/


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Our Mission

To empower those with disabilities with the ability to trek without boundaries by providing verified and personalized accessibility information.


Our Vision

AbiliTrek will be the easiest, most inclusive and personalized way to book accessible travel accommodations.


Our Goal for Achieving Our Mission

AbiliTrek is starting with the hotel segment of the travel industry and accumulating accessibility data that is not available anywhere else. AbiliTrek users provide vital information about themselves and what specific features need to be available for them to have a comfortable hotel stay. With AbiliTrek’s 37 accessibility preferences, there is no other more personal hotel search for travelers with disabilities. Users have the opportunity to personally review hotels and provide verified information to other users with similar accessibility needs. Anyone can book through AbiliTrek and support this transformation of the travel industry to be more inclusive.

Empowering the Disability Community with the Ability to Trek Without Boundaries!


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Meet the Team

Daman Wandke – Founder, CEO


Daman Wandke, MBA, is the Chief Executive Officer of AbiliTrek as well as a technology consultant and national disability advocate. Daman is an avid traveler; traveling for both business and pleasure. “Seeing that travelers with disabilities need to be able to travel without having to worry about not having an appropriate hotel room when they arrive at their destination”, Daman set out to find a solution; hence, the birth of AbiliTrek. AbiliTrek’s goal is to empower the disability community with the Ability to Trek without boundaries.

Before working on AbiliTrek full time, he was an Accessibility Analyst at SSB BART Group, an IT accessibility consulting firm, where he performs audits of their clients’ websites, mobile applications, and other IT products. He currently serves on two nonprofit Boards of Directors, the Northwest Access Fund and PolicyWorks. Daman brings to AbiliTrek his technology and business knowledge with his first-hand experience traveling with a disability.


Travis Heller – CTO


Travis, the Chief Technology Officer at AbiliTrek, studies Computer Science at Western Washington University (WWU).

Travis is a talented developer who has been writing website code since he was in high school. His IT background has prepared him for his job at AbiliTrek where he designs and builds new features, in addition to improving AbiliTrek’s site to make it pleasing, functional, and accessible for our users. Travis also enjoys cooking, writing web applications, watching shows like Star Trek.


Kyann Flint – CAO


Kyann Flint, AbiliTrek’s Chief Accessibility Officer at AbiliTrek, is an alum of Western Washington University where she studied Political Science and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences. A passionate disability advocate, Kyann’s motto is to Defy the Defined Disability – she blogs her insights at Life from a Lame Perspective where she shares her experiences as a person who is  wheelchair mobile and the frustrations that come from society’s social barriers. Flint, loves writing, spending time with her fabulous friends and family, exploring the outdoors, drinking really good tea and coffee and of course, traveling!