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Our Services:

  • Website & App Accessibility

    Many individuals with disabilities use Assistive Technology (AT) to access websites and apps, which is like the metaphorical ramp for software. However, if websites and apps are not compatible with AT, millions of people will not be able to use them. Find out how you can make your websites and apps accessible and inclusive to all!

  • Disability Advocacy and Awareness

    At AbiliTrek, we believe in the power of sharing ideas. Currently, the disability community is greatly underrepresented and misunderstood. However, the inclusion revolution is on the horizon! Make sure that you are knowledgeably prepared so that you are not left behind in the movement.

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The purpose of our platform is to create a database of all accessible businesses. Search results are customized to you when you create a free accessibility profile. Share with the community by reviewing businesses around you!

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