Respond to the Market

According to the 2010 US census, 56.7 million people—19 percent of the population—live with a disability. This is a large minority that should be taken into consideration. Those of us with disabilities are people too and should be treated as such. The average age of our population is also rising and even though disability can affect anyone at any time, once people reach age 65, they are six times as likely to acquire a disability. Baby Boomers are not just aging, they control 70% of all disposable income in the United States creating a call to action for accessibility. The market needs to respond to those with the buying power; an inaccessible market will cause the market will hurt.

With making services more accessible, society would be responding to the market and in doing so, be creating a greater market base. So, why not adapt the non-accessible features to allow any consumer with any mobility type to utilize any service? This would be a win-win for the growing disability community and the market.

Universal Design

Cater to a massively underserved minority by updating your business to follow Universal Design standards. Respond to modern accessibility laws and go a step beyond to ensure everyone can access your business.

AbiliTrek assists with enhancing the accessibility of businesses of all sizes. From websites and apps to buildings and staff, make sure your business is prepared to provide the best service to customers with disabilities.

IT Accessibility

Ensure your website and apps are accessible to users with disabilities.

Millions of website and app users depend on accessibility features within software in order to operate them effectively. If these critical features are not present, many users may find your services unusable.

AbiliTrek can determine if your websites/apps are accessible to those who require accessibility accommodation. We can also assist with incorporating accessibility features into your software so that  it is in compliance and can be used by everyone.

Public Speaking

Disability awareness and advocacy is the key to a better society.

The disability community is both greatly underrepresented and misunderstood. For the largest minority in the United States and the World this is not acceptable and continues to perpetuate Social Barriers that need to be eliminated to provide an equal opportunity. 

AbiliTrek’s team has the experience, knowledge and ability to share a plethora of topics that are not only applicable to your forum or event but that will enlighten many through our disability advocacy and awareness. 

Staff Training

Provide the critical information that your staff needs to treat members of the disability community with dignity and respect.

Customer service staff are often unaware of how to respectfully treat people with disabilities. To make everyone feel welcome in your place of business, train your staff to recognize disability-related issues and follow appreciated etiquette.

AbiliTrek provides an informative presentation as well as Q&A for employees to get to know the laws and rules of thumb around disability. Our goal is to educate others and help them deal with situations with which they may not be familiar. We provide webinars and presentation materials to prepare staff for inclusivity.

Onsite Accessibility

Make sure everyone can access your buildings and places of business.

Millions of people in the U.S. alone have trouble accessing facilities. Make it easy for people of all ability levels to get through your doors have a pleasing experience.

AbiliTrek offers solutions to make entrances, pathways, and facilities accessible to all. We survey your locations and provide actionable feedback to be accessible to all. Find out what tax credits apply for removing physical barriers.

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