Accessibility Certification Program

Help us make Bellingham more accessible!

Currently, there is not much data on where it is and is not accessible to the disability community. It is disheartening to arrive at a location and discover that it is not accessible. Even if the location appears to be accessible from the curb, it may not be once inside. This is where our Accessibility Certification Program comes into play. 

Certification indicates businesses have an inclusive environment that provides accessibility to all potential customers. Certification is backed with a window decal and indication on our Search & Review platform to convey to the public that the business meets or exceeds our criteria for accessibility.

Accessibility Indicators:

An on-site evaluation will be provided annually for ACP members in order to obtain certification. Certification will be based on meeting the following criteria:

  • Bathroom(s):There is a clear, flat path to the bathroom with access to the toilet with grab bars and locks easily reached that can be handled without twisting. Sink area is accessible.
  • Entrance(s)/labeled alternate access: Anyone using a mobility aid has a clear path to the entrance, with no stairs and with a small or no gradient. The door is easily opened. If access is via an accessible alternative entrance, it is clearly labeled/unlocked.
  • Seating (if any): Anyone using a mobility aid has a clear, accessible path to the seating. The tables (if any) are a typical restaurant-style, not a low coffee table or bistro-style table.
  • Service(s): Anyone using a mobility aid has a clear, accessible path to the service provided. Service counters (if any) are at an accessible height for a wheelchair user. 
  • Closed Captioning: All motion picture sources are captioned.

Benefits of Certification:

For the community: The community will easily be able to identify which businesses are accessible to the disability community regarding mobility. This will allow many people to know where it is and is not accessible to them.

For you as a business: Your business will be recognized as welcoming to the disability community, receive the program’s member-only quarterly newsletter with inclusive tips, positive press on the AbiliTrek website, and possibly on Sustainable Connections’ website.

ACP Member Annual Fee Per Location:

To obtain Certification, an organization must first become an ACP Member. 

  • Sustainable Connections and Chamber Members: $75.00
  • Non-Members: $100.00 

Additional Services: