Thank You, Community

This past Saturday, AbiliTrek hosted an Accessibility Awareness Event. We learned so much and hope you did too! The event was a great success but we could not have done it without our amazing community.



Many disability-related organizations came together to create a wealth of knowledge and resources for the greater Whatcom County disability community. From demos and simple conversations to trivia and song, the day brought a plethora of educational experiences that hopefully created an awareness that accessibility and inclusion is important for everyone.

Please tell others in our town and around the US to set up a profile, write reviews and search for accessible businesses!


Thank You, Community

Thank you to our incredible community who made this event possible. Thank you to all the disability-related organizations–WWU’s Disability Outreach Center, Sisu Children’s Fund, the Max Higbee Center, Summit Dogs, the Arc of Whatcom County–that came out and tabled. Thank you to the YMCA who gave rides on their pedicab, to Jan for displaying and collecting disability related books, to Candice for monitoring the food table and of course, thank you to Trove Coffee, the Bagelry and Rocket Donuts for providing the coffee and food! We could not have done this event without you all.

Thank you to our silver and gold sponsors as well as our platinum sponsors–Fairhaven Poke, the Community Food Co-op, Fat Pie Pizza, Zane Burger, Rocket Donuts and the YMCA– for your support. You are all incredible and to anyone reading this, go check them out!

And to the community, thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported this event, to anyone who spread the word and to each person who made a review!

We are hoping to make this an annual event as well as host similar events in the future. Here’s to empowering the disability community to trek without boundaries.