Staff Training and Public Speaking

Daman Wandke speaks onstage at the WWU TEDx conference
Daman Wandke, on stage during his TEDxWWU talk. He is sitting in his power chair, wearing black shoes, tan slacks and a black AbiliTrek t-shirt which has the lime green and electric blue logo in the top center. “Abili” is spelled out in the electric blue, the word finishes off in “Trek” which is written in the lime green, followed by a blue international access symbol that has been replaced by a green world. Behind Daman are the large, red block letters that spell out “TED”.
Daman Wandke’s TEDxWWU talk on trekking without boundaries.

AbiliTrek understands that access extends beyond eliminating physical and virtual barriers. Our team has experience improving our society’s knowledge and awareness of disability. AbiliTrek welcomes the opportunity to assist businesses in becoming more inclusive to people with disabilities, and is committed to eliminating ableism in the workplace. We offer hourly or fixed-rate project-based contracts.


  • Market: By responding to the need of a better understanding of the disability community, businesses would expand the reach of their market base by 19%. In the US, 56.7 million people (one-fifth of the population) have a disability.
  • Law: Laws protect the civil rights of people with disabilities, including:
    • the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),
    • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act,
    • the Fair Housing Act (FHA),
    • and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).

With the understanding of the disability community comes the realization that following these laws granting specific rights is necessary.

  • Protect yourselves: Discrimination can be more than stairs; an ableist perception is a barrier as well. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has set the precedent with hundreds of cases based on discrimination within services, housing, employment, and transportation industries.


Daman Wandke sits on a panel with other disability advocates.

The members of the AbiliTrek team are disability advocates who enjoy educating society about disability. We strive to help businesses create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for people with disabilities through education about disability etiquette.


The AbiliTrek Team can visit a business’s location and deliver a presentation and field any questions about disability etiquette. We are disability advocates who enjoy educating society about disability.

  • We offer options from main stage presentations to smaller workshops, sitting on panels and more intimate speaking engagements.


  • Over time, we have developed an informative workshop that is important for all to hear. We bring disability awareness to customer service and human resources.
    • Why hire people with disabilities?
    • Disability Law Overview and Disability Etiquette


  • Employee experience: CEO Daman Wandke’s & CAO Kyann Flint’s hundreds of speaking engagements
    • Wandke: TEDx, TAG, WWU, panels
    • Flint: 2012-present; primary- post-secondary and admin. audiences; panels; Ms. Wheelchair WA 2017
  • Provides unique value: We offer a unique perspective on usability based on life-long accessibility experiences as travelers and customers with disabilities. We also have had countless experiences with customer service staff who unfortunately have not had training in disability etiquette, offending and dissuading customers with disabilities from future visits (and recommendations to their friends). Don’t let this happen to your business!

Believes accessibility is not “one size fits all”: Accessibility cannot be placed in a stereotypical box; one type of accommodation often will not work for all. We have familiarity with limited dexterity, mobility, blind and deaf adaptations.