Our Platform Glossary

This past week we introduced our Beta to the public and asked for feedback. Thank you to those of you who checked out our platform and thank you to those of you who have already provided us with feedback! We are working on your suggestions to improve our platform.

One thing that has come up multiple times is the definition of some of the words used in our profile and review questions; we realized that what makes sense to us may not make sense to others. So, we decided to define our terms to express what we are meaning.


Our Glossary

Approach: The area leading up to the entrance.

Threshold: Where the floor on one side of the doorway meets the floor on the other side f the doorway; the floor area in the doorway.

Lip: Where one side of the doorway is higher than the other; a mini “curb”..

Bump: Where the threshold curves up and back down OR curves down and back up.

Accessible Door Handle: A handle that does not require grasping, pinching or twisting of one’s wrists when being operated.

Push bar: Any solid bar to push open a door; this does not include the levers or anything like a knob.

Pull bar: Any solid bar to pull open a door; this does not include the levers or anything like a knob.

Accessible toilet area: the bars are appropriately placed, there is enough space for a wheelchair to approach the toilet.

Access Aisle: The white [blue, yellow or red]-striped area parallel to the accessible spots.

Roll-in Shower: A shower that is flush/flat with the rest of the bathroom floor; there is NO bump or lip leading into the shower.

Accessible Bathtub: A bathtub with bars correctly situated (lateral and potentially one vertical) within the interior of the tub and a vertical bar on the outside to assist with entering the tub.

Standard Table Height: This is a typical restaurant-style table; this is the most likely style that a person in a wheelchair will fit under and be able to reach.

Low Table Height: This may be a coffee/cafe style of a table; too low for a person in a wheelchair to fit under or reach.

High Table Height: This is typically a bar style table; too high for a person in a wheelchair to reach.

Accessible Online Menu: The restaurant provides an online menu that can be read by a screen reader.


Check Out Our Platform

Our rating and reviewing platform is waiting for you to check it out! Help the disability community know where it is and is not accessible by rating and reviewing the accessibility of your favorite places. Find our platform at https://abilitrek.com! And, feel free to leave us feedback at support@abilitrek.com as we desire that our platform is the best that it can be!