From Boston to Bellingham, Bringing Abilities through Access

This past weekend, our Chief Accessibility Officer, Kyann Flint, had the amazing opportunity to travel to Boston and attend the Boston Abilities Expo. She met so many incredible people, made great connections, learned so much, and even got to climb a rock wall.


About the Expo

The Boston Abilities Expo is one of multiple expositions where many disability-related companies and organizations come together and create a wealth of knowledge and resources compiled into one location so they are readily available for people of the disability community to have access to them. The atmosphere is welcoming and positive and encourages those within the disability community to achieve their full potential.


AbiliTrek’s Accessibility Awareness Event

On Saturday, September 29, AbiliTrek aims to create a similar atmosphere that provides a wealth of knowledge for the local disability community here in Whatcom County. We are hoping to educate those around us that accessibility is necessary for that with access comes an opportunity to strive after one’s full potential.

Even though our Accessibility Awareness Event may not compare in size to the Abilities Expo in Boston, we are excited to share our knowledge and the wealth of knowledge from the vendors in our community. Please come join us on Saturday and check out what we have to offer. You may even win a raffle prize.


Future Ability Expos

As of now, there is not an Abilities Expo to the extent of the one in Boston here in Washington State. We would love to show that there is a clientele here that is ready for an exposition the size of Boston’s event to grace our state’s presence and teach that those of us with disabilities do have abilities, we just may need the resources and encouragement to achieve them. We hope that smaller events like ours will bring an Abilities Expo to our state.

Stay tuned to learn more about Kyann’s experience in Boston.