Amtrak’s Accessibility Derailment

Transportation is a key factor in traveling; many people utilize different types of transportation every day. It is well-known that Amtrak is a well-established entity within the travel industry and provides service throughout the United States. While Amtrak is extremely beneficial to many workers and travelers, this service continues to be a frustration for many… Continue Reading Amtrak’s Accessibility Derailment

The Techy Ramp & the Importance of Switch Testing

A ramp is the epitome of access; no one would dismiss a ramp as not being accessible. In fact, some people even go to the extent of using the existing ramps as proof that locations are now accessible. Aren’t ramps enough? Regarding both onsite locations AND websites, the answer is no. The Ramp to Technology… Continue Reading The Techy Ramp & the Importance of Switch Testing

More About Our Training

Disability. What does this word really mean? How much do you really know about disability? There is so much more to disability than just a medical diagnosis and personal physical limitations.   A lack of access is what is truly disabling to people with disabilities. Access is the key to an equal opportunity. Eliminating physical… Continue Reading More About Our Training

The Disabled: Ashamed and Disregarded

December 3, 2018, marks the 16th annual international day of persons with disability. Join us at AbiliTrek in celebrating the disability community by educating yourself on the complex topic of disability. The Disability Community is the largest minority in both the United States and the World; over 56 million Americans and over 1 billion people… Continue Reading The Disabled: Ashamed and Disregarded

About Switch Testing

On September 25, 2018, the Department of Justice (DOJ) wrote a letter addressing their affirmation that Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers websites; all goods, services, and activities provided to the public must be accessible to all consumers. Websites are indeed a service and therefore should be accessible. The DOJ has… Continue Reading About Switch Testing

About Our Small Business Consulting

As a small business owner, is a welcoming environment for your consumers important to you? Have you ever thought about how accessibility plays into the environment of your business? It may surprise you that accessibility is a factor in how welcoming your business is to people with disabilities. The Disability Market      The disability… Continue Reading About Our Small Business Consulting

About Our IT Consulting

Have you wondered how welcoming your business really is? How about the accessibility of your business, including your website? Accessibility is more than just a ramp, more than just getting into the building; accessibility is a broader spectrum than typically realized. On September 25, 2018, the Department of Justice (DOJ) wrote a letter addressing their… Continue Reading About Our IT Consulting

Welcome to New York: No Barriers Summit – 2018

Opening Ceremony On October 4, 2018, hundreds of people from all walks of life gathered to summit together and celebrate living a life of no barriers; they gathered at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, a place that embraces innovation.   Daman and Kyann decided to walk to this destination. However, right before they… Continue Reading Welcome to New York: No Barriers Summit – 2018