Behind the Chair

Behind the Connection

A couple months back Kyann, our Chief Accessibility Officer, had the opportunity to be Interviewed about AbilTrek on Behind the Chair, a radio show based out of Florida. This was not the first time Kyann had been interviewed on Behind the Chair, as Co-host Kat Magnoli and Kyann became friends at the Ms. Wheelchair America 2018 pageant; however, it was the first time Kyann was on the air promoting the new platform brought to you by AbiliTrek.

Kyann really enjoyed both the times she had on the air, but this article is not about Kyann and her experiences; instead, this article is about Behind the Chair!


Behind the Show

Behind the Chair was co-founded and is co-hosted by Kat Magnoli and Doug Longhini; their show officially began on September 21, 2017. Their show airs on the WEI Network every Wednesday at 5 pm EST. Tune in to hear this witty program that is not only entertaining but educational as well.

Behind the Chair was created to show there is way more to a person than their physical appearance–that there is a person with a heart and mind that is active and living a life beyond most people’s limited expectations.


Behind the Duo  

Both Kat and Doug started this adventure with not much previous radio experience. Doug had only taken a few radio and television production classes back in his 20s, and Kat expresses that it must be in her DNA to be good at radio as both her parents were on the radio in Brazil as hosts of their very own shows. Both had also been guest co-hosts for a few months on another show–Brain Matters. However, they both felt that Brian Matters did not give them a chance to showcase their true personalities and they desired something a little more light-hearted. They also had people telling them how talented they were and how funny their own show would be. They felt that this was a sign..

Kat and Doug approached their technician and asked him if they could do a show in addition to Brain Matters. They pitched Behind the Chair as a platform to show the flip side to advocacy and how people with disabilities live well-rounded lives. Their technician agreed and many shows later they have interviewed so many incredible guests.

Since the genesis of Behind the Chair, Kat’s and Doug’s original platform has expanded to include many successful people without disabilities who have a passion for helping those who live with a physical disability.  


Behind the Guests

After being on the air for ten and one-half months, Kat and Doug have had over forty-two guests on their show. When asked who her favorite guest has been, Kat expresses, “I would never be able to pick just one. Every single guest has been incredible in their own way.” As a person who has been on the show and has listened to many other shows, Kyann acknowledges that Kat and Doug have brought on a diverse range of people who have been able to educate on many different topics related to disability, and at the same time, achieving their goal of being entertaining and light-hearted.


Behind the Questions

It would not be a Behind the Chair article without asking a Behind the Chair question. Both Kat and Doug were asked if they could each travel to one place in the whole world, where would it be. Kat explained that if she could travel anywhere in the world, it would be Europe. Then Doug added he would travel to Europe too. So then Kat jokingly replied with a smile, “Doug, if you follow me to Europe, I’m heading to China–anywhere that I can get away from you.”   

Kat and Doug were then asked what their favorite Behind the Chair question to ask their guests was and to answer the question themselves. Kat answered that her favorite question to ask would have to be whether or not the person uses their wheelchair to pick up a member of the opposite sex. Her own response to this question: “it definitely helps to be a cute girl in a wheelchair so I can get the attention of both men from the disability world and the able-bodied world.” She goes on to say that she would not reveal her secrets on how she does this because it would not work anymore. Doug then shared that his favorite Behind the Chair question was: “If you could talk to any political figure or famous person, who would it be and why?”Doug loves how each guest gives a different answer with regard to people they admire.   


Behind the Legacy

Doug’s favorite part of the show is the response from the audience and how the audience really relates to the show and how the listeners want to be a part of the show. He is sure that the listeners really relate to the topics discussed on the air.  He loves that their show is helping people.

Kat expresses that every week gives her and Doug incredible memories, but the one that sticks out to her the most would be the very first show and how accomplished they both felt.


Tune in every Wednesday at 5pm EST or learn a little more about the show by going online to the WEI Network anytime.